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Retreat Mavrovoni 

Mavrovouni, a hidden gem of Peloponese

Mavrovouni is a village about 2 km south of the town of Gytheio, in Laconia, Greece. It is located on a steep hill of dark rock between the hill of Kumaros above Gytheio and the alluvial plain of the Vardhounia river lies a belt of low sandy hills. The district is rich in wines, olives and oranges.

The beach of Mavrovouni is protected by an international project, as it is visited every year by the loggerhead sea turtles which commonly called Caretta-Caretta and at the beach they dig nests to lay their eggs. A loggerhead sea turtle nest roped off as part of the Sea Turtle Protection Project of Archelon.

You will take a hikes towards Diros cave and under cave exploration, you will come across an intricate network of passages and galleries, decorated with gleaming stalagmites and stalactites, whose reflection in the water accentuates their natural beauty.

Nearby towns that you can visit for a dinner or an excursion are Gytheio, Ancient Sparta and the historic Mystras.

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Ellas Retreat are having retreats in different Locations

Paleros village

Lefkada island

Mavrovouni beach


agio stefanos beach

Retreat Agios Stefanos

A place to reunite to all the elements

Agios Stefanos is located on the north west of Corfu. Here everyone can easy find back to the source. 

You can fly directly to Corfu



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Sounf of the sea 

Wellness Hotel on Karpathos Island

A place to reunite to all the elements

Sound of the sea is located on the greek island Karpathos in the Dodecanese. Here everyone can easy find back to the source, Sea, Beaches, wellness center with spa and massage. 

You can fly to Karpathos via Athens or Rhodes


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Panorama Lefkada

Retreat Lefkada

It is an ideal spot for meditation retreats

Silence far away from the hectic world

Located in the mountains of Lefkada island

Stunning views over the turquoise sea

Nature in all directions

Many possibilities for hikes

The main retreat house is build of natural stone.
We offer both privat lodging and dorm.
The center has a professional kitchen and we offer healthy food to our guests.

Retreat House Retreat Accomondation

Butterflyes Locals inhabitants

Hatha YogaNatural Yoga space

MintHealthy Food

Mountains and FlowersSurrounded by mountains 



Kriya Yoga

Lahiri Mahasaya Tradition

The Kriya Yoga meditation technique can be learned very easily. It uses the tantric science of life-force and chakras and will elevate your consciousness to soul level. Everyone who have the desire to be more free internally will have great benefits from Kriya Yoga. Other great teachers of this tradition. Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda, Hariharananda, Shankarananda   more>>




Shakta and Shaiva Tradition

Tantra offers transformation that is both spirtual, mystical and very human. The Shakta tradition is mainly focused on energy and uses mantra,yantra, puja and yagna as its main tools. The Shaiva tradition uses mostly meditation and contemplation based on a very practical and lucid metaphysics more>>




Mahasi Sayadaw tradition

If you like to learn to be truly present then the science of mindfulness is for you. Since the time of The Buddha the Theravada tradition have perfected mindfulness meditation. The benefits of present moment awareness is endless. You will experience instant results from the practice  more>>


Yoga & Kundalini

Hatha and Kundalini Tradition

The Natha yogis of India have designed a yoga and meditation practice that uses body, breath and mind to awaken the kundalini (the energy of awakend consciousness). Through a series of techniques starting with asanas the activation happen gradually. The tradition uses mainly asanas, pranayamas, bandhas and mudras more>>